JT Contracting LLC

Justin from JT Contracting LLC was referred to me by Adam from Ross Restoration. Justin had an unfinished website and no online presence to speak of when we started this project a little under 3 months ago in early 2021. He was looking for a website and marketing to improve his online presence and appearance, and increase his reach and sales through online marketing.

Since then we have quickly developed his website, doing design and messaging targeted towards his prospective clients. Done the initial search engine optimization. Started his advertising campaigns and begun to optimize them. Setup his facebok page and some initial facebook advertising testing. Setup his Google accounts and begun getting him reviews from his past and current customers. Numerous print and design materials. Setup his phone services. As well as setup and started all of his advertising accounts. 

At the time of this writing Justin is already starting to see results from these efforts, in increased calls and sales. We will continue to tweak his website, refine his advertising, and come up with strategies to grow his business.