Become a Leader in Your Industry or Area

Some of the most important recommendations I make to clients are a leap of faith, with no immediate direct correlation to sales. In marketing, one of my responsibilities is to educate clients, and help them to see the potential of the proposal. A good analogy often makes an idea click.

My goal in this article is to help you understand how to become synonymous with your product offerings. Becoming the company that everyone thinks of in relation to your product or service, the ‘go to’ and leader in your industry. We’ll start with a simple question:

What makes someone a celebrity?

It’s not their money, or their looks, or their personality, though these things can help. It’s the relentless seeing them or hearing about them over and over again. Our brains work in such a way that repetition and familiarity gains favor and fondness. That is the secret to gaining celebrity status and also the secret to being considered a leader in your industry or area.

It could be your vehicles seen all over town, your ads and search results all over the place when people search for your product or service, the billboards or commercials, people recommending you, and your advertisements in social media. All of these things work together and the more times you are seen or heard about, the more of that familiarity, fondness, and association grows in the mind of the viewer. There is a reason the big advertisers employ these tactics and spend billions to be seen everywhere, because it works!

So now you might be wondering why this matters and what is the benefit of this. When you’ve established that association, the first company that will come to mind when they need your products or services will be you. Or if they go do a search and find your company, you are already going to be favored by them, and 70% of the buying decision has been made before they even interact with your company.

This is a powerful strategy on its own, in combination with helping people in need and getting to the front of their minds, can be a real winning strategy.


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